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E. Stephen Buescher, MD , MD

    • Title:
    • Professor

    • Role:
    • Faculty

    • Faculty Appointments:
    • Professor of Pediatrics

    • Additional Certifications:
    • Focus Areas:
    • Pediatric infectious diseases

    • Office Location:
    • Williams Hall

    • Undergraduate Education:
    • Graduate Education:
    • Postdoctoral Education:
    • Medical Education:
    • Johns Hopkins Hospital

    • Residency:
    • Johns Hopkins Hospital

    • Fellowship(s):
    • National Institutes of Health

    • Board Certification(s):
    • American Board of Pediatrics

      Pediatric Infectious Disease

    • Affiliation(s):
    • Research Interests:
    • Anti-inflammatory characteristics of human milk

      Hospital microbiology

    • Primary Specialty:
    • Pediatric Infectious Disease

    • Hospital:
    • Courses Taught:
    • Current Projects:
    • Bio:
    • Following fellowship training in the Laboratory of Clinical Investigation at the National Institute of Health, Dr. Stephen Buescher joined the pediatric faculty at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston where he conducted laboratory studies examining the anti-inflammatory characteristics of human milk.

      In 1992, he joined the pediatric faculty at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, VA, where he became a professor of pediatrics in 1999.

      At present, Dr. Buescher is a pediatric infectious diseases specialist at CHKD, where he also serves as the medical director of infection control and the medical director of the clinical microbiology laboratory. At EVMS, Dr. Buescher is the director of the MSII pathophysiology course and the director of the pediatric infectious disease fellowship training program. He continues to have laboratory interest in the anti-inflammatory characteristics of human milk and hospital microbiology


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 Patents & Inventions

  • Compact Microscope Stage Environmental Chamber, Buescher ES, Seligmann B, and Gallin JI. NIH Form 570, Employee Invention Report, Case No. E-192-85

  • U.S. Patent #6,326,177: “Method and apparatus for intracellular electromanipulation” Inventors K.H. Schoenbach, S.J. Beebe, E.S. Buescher

  • 8/2/00: International Patent Application: “Method and apparatus for intracellular electromanipulation” K.H. Schoenbach, S.J. Beebe, E.S. Buescher