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Student Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

All students should have
  • An otoscope pocket flashlight
  • Tongue blades
  • Access to standard pediatric otolaryngology texts, such as Bluestone and Stool, etc.
  • Access to standard otolaryngology texts, such as Cummings / Bailey

Texts may be read in the department library or the Brickell Library.
  • The students should view the “Physical Exam of Otolaryngology –Head and Neck Surgery” videotape that has been prepared specifically for them. Didactic information required for this course is on the tape. Questions about material on the tape should be written down and addressed to an attending staff member or resident as soon after the tape is finished as possible. The videotape is located in and should remain in the resident office.  Questions regarding the tape will be addressed by Ms. Sharon Corbus. A record will be kept to determine who has viewed the tape

  • All students must attend daily conferences and lectures as indicated on the schedules. An attendance roster will be circulated.

  • Students must make afternoon rounds with the residents or contact them in order to receive patient assignments. This will enable the student to read about the cases and perform pre-op examinations where indicated.

  • PLEASE introduce yourself to the attending staff member in the operating room. There are many new faces in the operating room each day and sometimes it is not possible to know who the new students are at the beginning of each rotation.

  • You will receive a copy of “Primary Care for Otolaryngology” text. You are responsible for reading this short text and will be given a short closed book test based on this text on the last day of your rotation. 

Please read chapters 5 and 17 in the “Primary Otolaryngology” text before the first day of your rotation.

Please read the following articles prior to the first day of your rotation.

Please review the following handouts

Contact the Head and Neck Surgery chief resident the week before you begin your rotation. All students should report to the chief resident at 7:00 a.m. on the first day of the rotation. An information card has been included in your packet with an asterisk (*) beside the name of the chief resident. Appropriate dress and lab coats are required during office hours.

There will be a medical student orientation with Dr. Daniel Karakla on Tuesday morning at 7:15 a.m. in Sentara Norfolk General during and after morning attending rounds. Please contact the Head and Neck Surgery chief resident for specific location. 

Students who are on a 2-week Surgical Specialty rotation are not permitted to be absent. A total of one day is permitted for those students who are on a 4-week Primary Care or Future Surgeon rotation. Meetings, conferences, vacations and interviews should not be scheduled during your rotation.

*Failure or refusal to comply with the student responsibilities will result in a failing grade.

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Academic Manager 
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