Sleep Medicine Fellowship Curriculum

During his/her fellowship, the sleep medicine fellow will be educated in the appropriate history and physical examination in sleep medicine for all age groups. The fellow will become familiar with sleep physiology and pathophysiology and with the broad spectrum of sleep disorders in both the outpatient and inpatient settings. In addition, he/she will learn the appropriate performance and interpretation of polysomnography (both in and out of center testing), multiple sleep latency testing, maintenance of wakefulness testing and actigraphy. In addition, the EVMS DSM has a long history of both clinical and research use of the Driving Simulator and the use of Sleep Related Erection testing for evaluation of erectile dysfunction symptoms, and the fellow will be acquainted with these diagnostic tools. 

Fellows will be expected to participate in a research study during their fellowship and to present their work at a conference.

Educators in the program will expect fellows to achieve the goals set by the ACGME guidelines and will evaluate their competencies in these six areas: Medical knowledge, Patient Care, Practice-based skills, Interpersonal and communication skills, Professionalism, System-based competencies.