Know your diabetes risk

The following are risk factors for developing Type 2 diabetes, which is caused by genetics and lifestyle factors:


You are at a higher risk for Type 2 diabetes the older you are.


Men are more likely than women to have undiagnosed diabetes; one reason may be that they are less likely to see their doctor regularly, but for woman who have developed gestational diabetes while pregnant, their risk of developing prediabetes and type 2 diabetes later, increases. Women who gave birth to a baby weighing more than 9 pounds are also at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Family history:

A family history of diabetes could mean you're genetically vulnerable, putting you at a higher risk for it.


People of certain racial and ethnic groups — including blacks, Hispanics, American Indians and Asians — are more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than others.

High blood pressure:

Having high blood pressure (over 140/90mm Hg) contributes to your overall risk.


Being inactive and not getting regular exercise can increase your risk for Type 2 diabetes.


The combination of your weight and height is your Body Mass Index or BMI. People with higher BMIs are at a higher risk since the more fatty tissue you have, the more resistant your cells become to insulin.


If you think you may have diabetes, please consult with your physician and get yourself tested. To receive an information packet or to schedule an appointment at EVMS Strelitz Diabetes Center, call 757.446.5908.