Our Residents

Class of 2015

Akintola class of 2015‌‌

Mo Akintola, MD

Cipi Class of 2015

Anjeza Cipi, MD

Donaldson, Class of 2015

Jana Donaldson, MD

Godwin Class of 2015

Stewart Godwin, MD

Guenther Class of 2015

Steven Guenther, DO 

Jones, Class of 2015

Matthew Jones, MD

Plambeck Class of 2015

Robert Plambeck, MD

Wilson Class of 2015

Travis Wilson, MD


Class of 2016

Matt Bishop, Class of 2016

Matthew Bishop, MD

Deal, AnnaKate, Class of 2016

AnnaKate Deal, MD

Dye, Brittany, Class of 2016

Brittany Dye, MD

Fellin, Matt, Class of 2016

Matthew Fellin, MD

Gleason, Alex, Class of 2016

Alex Gleason, MD 

Miller, Max, Class of 2016

Maxwell Miller, MD

Peele, Devon, Class of 2016

Devon Peele, MD

Shuck, Zane, Class of 2016

Zane Shuck, MD 


Skinner, Steven, Class of 2016

Stephen Skinner, MD

 Venezia, Megan, Class of 2016

Megan Venezia, MD



Class of 2017

Michelle Bowman, MD Brandon Dupont, MD Lindsey Glueckert, MD Jason Jennings, MD
Clay Lifton, MD  Kory Magyar, MD Kyle Resendes, MD Jessica Siu, MD