Our Residents

                                 Class of 2014

Chidester, Class of 2014          Crowder, Class of 2014          Gogel, Class of 2014

Ben Chidester, MD           Chris Crowder, MD           Kaci Gogel, MD

 Johnson, Class of 2014         Kayagil, Class of 2014          Laffitte, Class of 2014

Sharita Johnson, MD         Turan Kayagil, MD           Tucker Laffitte III, MD

Laws (Beardsworth) Class of 2014          McCarthy, Class of 2014          Mohindroo, Class of 2014

Elizabeth Laws, MD          Mary McCarthy, MD         Amit Mohindroo, MD

                                        Sawyer, Class of 2014

                                        Adam Sawyer, MD


                                 Class of 2015

Akintola class of 2015          Bota class of 2015          Cipi Class of 2015

 Mo Akintola, MD                                                      Anjeza Cipi, MD

Donaldson, Class of 2015          Godwin Class of 2015          Guenther Class of 2015

Jana Donaldson, MD         Stewart Godwin, MD          Steven Guenther, DO

Jones, Class of 2015          Plambeck Class of 2015          Wilson Class of 2015

Matthew Jones, MD           Robert Plambeck, MD         Travis Wilson, MD 


                                   Class of 2016


Matt Bishop, Class of 2016          Deal, AnnaKate, Class of 2016          Dye, Brittany, Class of 2016

Matthew Bishop, MD          AnnaKate Deal, MD              Brittany Dye, MD