Institutional Policies & Handbooks

The Institutional Handbook and Student Program Handbooks

The Student Handbooks and Honor Code are in Adobe Acrobat version 10.0 or higher Portable Document Format. The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required in order to read and print the Student Handbook. If you do not have the Reader, or have a version earlier than 10, please download it now.

The Eastern Virginia Medical School Student Handbooks are publications for use by matriculated students of EVMS.  Handbooks include links to general information about facilities, student services, academic and other policies. The Student Handbook does not contain detailed information specific to individual courses and course content. That information is made available in individual courses.

Eastern Virginia Medical School may at any time, change any provisions, curriculum requirements, teaching facilities and affiliated teaching sites, bylaws, rules, regulations, policies, or procedures as may be necessary in the interest of the Institution and/or its students.

In the PDF files, click on the links to access other sections including:

  • The Student Honor Code
  • Academic Policies and Procedures
  • Facilities and Services
  • Institutional Policies
  • Health Policy for Students

Important Links

Academic Calendars

Student Forms and Resources 

EVMS Public Safety and Management Team 

The Standard of Conduct for Teacher-Learner Relationship

School of Medicine

Doctor of Medicine Handbook, 2013 - 2014

School of Health Professions

2013-2014 Student Handbooks 

Art Therapy & Counseling

Biomedical Sciences, PhD

Biomedical Sciences Biotechnology Master's

Biomedical Sciences Research Master's

Clinical Embryology & Andrology

Medical Master's

Ophthalmic Technology

Physician Assistant

Public Health

Surgical Assistant 

Students are responsible for knowing the EVMS policies and procedures. When necessary, students should verify any information about curriculum requirements, teaching facilities and affiliated teaching sites, by-laws, rules, regulations and policies, procedures or other information with Student Affairs, School of Health Professions or Medical Education.

In the event of a 'medical student' emergency, students may contact Campus Safety at 757-446-5911