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Gold Humanism Honor Society

About the GHHS Chapter at EVMS 

In 2011 Eastern Virginia Medical School established a Gold Humanism Honor Society Chapter. This initiative from the Arnold P. Gold Foundation honors senior medical students, residents, role-model physician teachers and other exemplars recognized for "demonstrated excellence in clinical care, leadership, compassion and dedication to service." 

The Gold Humanism Honor Society recognizes those who: 

  • Model, encourage and sustain the values of humanism and professionalism
  • Enjoy a shared vision of a balance between science and humanism
  • Lead, mentor, and inspire colleagues to promote humanism at all levels of healthcare
  • Advocate for humanism in medicine - on campus, in practice, personally, locally, nationally
  • Nurture fellowship in membership
  • With humility, reach out to and support those bowed down by barriers to humanism in medicine
  • Are a force for better healthcare for all

What is Humanism in Medicine?

"Humanism in medicine describes relationships between physicians and their patients that are respectful and compassionate. It is reflected in attitudes and behaviors that are sensitive to the values, autonomy, cultural and ethnic backgrounds of others."

  • Integrity: the congruence between expressed values and behavior.
  • Excellence: clinical expertise.
  • Compassion: the awareness and acknowledgement of the suffering of another and the desire to relieve it.
  • Altruism: the capacity to put the needs and interests of another before your own.
  • Respect: the regard for the autonomy and values of another person.
  • Empathy: the ability to put oneself in another's situation, e.g., physician as patient.
  • Service: the sharing of one's talent, time and resources with those in need; giving beyond what is required." 



Patient Solidarity Week at EVMS

Each year students at EVMS join other US Medical Schools in celebrating Patient Solidarity and Compassionate Care Day!  EVMS students participate in the "Tell Me More" poster campaign sponsored by the Gold Humanism Society. In doing so students enhance the care patients receive at the Sentara Norfolk General Hospital and the HOPES Student Run Free Clinic by promoting the ideals of humanism at the bedside. 

Humanism in Medicine Night

Dr. Heidi Belfourouz‌On October 24, 2012 Thanks to a grant  from the Arnold P. Gold Foundation the GHHS Chapter at EVMS hosted Humanism in Medicine Night with guest speaker  Dr. Heidi Behforouz who presented on the Prevention and Access to Care Treatment Project  Dr. Heidi Behforouz is the Medical and Executive Director of Partners In Health’s Prevention and Access to Care and Treatment (PACT) Project, a community-based health care initiative that serves the underserved communities of Boston, Massachusetts. She is an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and the recipient of Harvard Medical School’s Community Service Award. She also serves as an associate physician in the Division of Global Health Equity, as well as the Women’s Health Associates at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH).

The PACT project focuses on integrating community health workers into the primary care setting by working with clinics to develop infrastructure and skills necessary to provide the best possible care to the most vulnerable patients. The goal is to improve patient care outcomes while simultaneously decreasing health care expenditures. A main focus of the PACT project is working with HIV patients in the Boston community; after just one year of the program partnership there has been a dramatic (70%) increase in patient health improvements (based on viral load and CD4 counts), while also experiencing a 16% net savings in total medical expenditure and a 35% reduction in length of stay and inpatient costs. The project is now on its way to expanding to other parts of the US as well as abroad.

This project was made possible by a grant from the Arnold P. Gold Foundation

More about the Arnold P. Gold Foundation

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation 's mission is to perpetuate the tradition of the caring doctor by emphasizing the importance of the relationship between the practitioner and the patient.  The objective is to help physicians-in-training become doctors who combine the skills of cutting edge medicine with the skills of effective communication, empathy and compassion.  Members of the honors society make a life long commitment to advocating for patient-centered care.

The GHHS Founding Supporters include The Russell Berrie Foundation and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

-Arnold Gold Foundation