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EVMS Allies

Training and Ally List

Our next training for Spring 2018 will be announced soon.  For more information regarding Safe Zone or to sign up for training, email Joann Bautti at

Staff, Faculty and Students who have completed the Training include the following allies:

Aimee Bader
Assistant Director, Benefits, Wellness and Data Management

Rose Mwayungu, M.S.Ed
Technical Support Analyst III, HP Admissions

Dr. Lindsay P. Meyers
Academic Development Counselor

Margot Gurganus
Student, MD19

Amanda Severn
Student, Medical Masters

Rachel Seaman
Student, MD19

Nesha Niezrecki
Student, MD20

Brent Lavey
Student, MD20

Seth Warren
Student, MD20

Cindy Lewis
RN and Health Educator, AIDS Resource Center

Morgan Russell
Manager, Disability Services

Saige Hill
Student Services Specialist

Ray Ramirez
Student, MD20

Allison Chirigos
Student, MD19

Michele Semeraro
Research Assistant

Dr. Julia Sharp
Assistant Professor, Microbiology and Molecular Cell Biology

Jennifer Styron
Director, Teaching and Assessment/Assistant Professor

Dr. Caroline Bertolet
Coordinator, GME Leadership Coaching Program

Becky Johnson
Student, MD21

Kristen Peterson
Student, MD21

Cami Howard
CMA, Infectious Diseases

Jerrah Pickle
Student, MD20

Dr. Margaret Morris
Associate Professor, Internal Medicine/School of HP

Joanne Thambuswamy
Resident, Portsmouth Family Medicine

Amy Karr
Office Coordinator, Medical Masters

Andrew Kanouse
Student, MD19

Dr. Angela Parks-Savage
Assistant Dean of Graduate Medical Education

Tara Chauhan
Clerkship Coordinator, OB/GYN

Vivian Burton
Student, Medical Masters

Sukhpreet Kaur
Student, MD21

Samantha Brown
Student, MD19

Catherine Wilson
Student, MD20

Diana Kinney
Student, Medical Masters

Amanda Quillin
Clinical Education Recruitment & Support

Kathy Dozier
Administrative Assistant, AIDS Resource Center

Emma Rudebusch
Student, MD19

Emily Gordon
Student, MPH18

Haley Garrison
Student, Medical Masters

Kate Kielty
Student, MD19

Hannah McGarey
Student, MD19

Andrew Mitchell
Chief, Police and Public Safety

Sarah Bostick
Student, Medical Masters

Lauren van Reesema
Student, MD19

Meghan Dutt
Student, Medical Masters

Joshua Bear
Student, MD19

Kim Seymour
Student, MD20

Willy Sherrerd-Smith
Student, Medical Masters

Meghan O'Connor
Student, MD20

Shelly Banks
Non-Medical Case Manager, AIDS Resource Center

Michael Pierce
Student, MD20

Lance Irons
Student, MD19

Bhavi Vohra
Student, MD20

Zack Angel
Student, MD20

Varun Takanti
Student, MD20

Kethelyne Beauvais
Student, MD19

Priya Vyas
Student, MD20

Paul Imbriano
Student, Medical Masters

Megan Howard
Student, MD19

Alfred Rabinovich
Student, MD19

Beverly Franklin
Patient Navigator, AIDS Resource Center

Tiffany Liu
Student, MD18

Yanni Hedjar
Student, MD19

Zana Khoury
Student, MD18

Michael Pham
Student, Medical Masters

Neil Rustgi
Student, MD20

Abigail Winz
Student, MD19

Ruth Stockton
Student, MD20

Sita Topalli
Clinical Education Compliance Specialist

Tiffany Stradford
Program Manager, Family & Community Medicine

Kerwin Kolheffer
Educational Coordinator & Assistant Professor, Pathology and Anatomy

Pierre Diaz
Patient Navigator, AIDS Resource Center

Kayla Fenton
Student, Medical Masters

Teneele Bailey
Coordinator, EVMS Diversity in Educational Programs

Danielle Calhoun, MBA
Assistant Director, Compensation and Employee Relations

Dr. Ann Campbell
Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Mekbib Gemeda
Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion

Susan Castora
Director of Admissions

Joann Bautti
Assistant Director, Student Affairs

Dr. Carrie Elzie
Assistant Professor Pathology and Anatomy

Lauren Etheridge
Clinical Support Coordinator Physician Assistant Program

Dr. Dan St. John
Assistant Director of Academic Development

Judy Wessell, DNP
Nurse Practitioner/Clinical Health Educator

Julie Catalano, M.S.Ed
Instructional Designer

Dr. Frank Lattanzio
Associate Professor Physiological Sciences

Diana Schofield, PsyD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist/Asst. Prof. of Pediatrics

Jess Garrity
TMS Coordinator

Malissa Nesbit, MPA
ITP/LGM Coordinator

Dr. Julie Kerry 
Chair of Micro & Molecular Cell Biology

Dr. Kathrin Hartmann
Faculty Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Karen Arnold
CONRAD/OBGYN, Senior Director of Operations

Matthew Bernier, MCAT, ATR-BC
Associate Professor Art Therapy & Counseling

Dr. Patric Lundberg
Associate Professor Microbiology

Thomas Parish
Professor and PA Program Director

Cheryl Shiflett, PhD, LPC, ATR-BC
Assistant Professor Art Therapy & Counseling

Dr. Allison Knight
Director of Academic Development/Assistant Professor

Tanya Kearney, MPA
Director VA HIV/AIDS Resource & Consultation Center

Dr. Laurie Wellman
Associate Professor Pathology and Anatomy

Mary Roberts, EdS, LPC-ACS, ATR-BC
Program Director and Asst. Prof Art Therapy & Counseling

Rosemary Davidson
FNP, EVMS Ghent Family Medicine

Dr. Gyorgy Lonart
Associate Prof. Pathology & Anatomy

Dr. Eva Forgacs-Lonart
Associate Professor Physiological Sciences

Dr. Felicia Toreno, PhD, RDMS, RVT
Associate Professor, Director of Ultrasound Education

Philip Copley
Technology Manager

Vincent Rhodes
Chief Communications and Marketing Officer

Dr. David Mu
Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Cell Biology

Dr. Donald H. Sussman 
Assistant Professor Pathology & Anatomy

Michelle Kubricky
Admissions and Enrollment Coordinator

Thomas Snipes
EVMS Police Lieutenant

Dominique Bannarn
Admin Coordinator, Medical Masters Program

Amber Donlan
Program Administrator, Medical Masters Program

Dr. Deborah Damon
Program Director & Professor Medical Masters Program

David Neuberger
Student, MD19

Kathleen Dietz
CONRAD, Regulatory Manager

Sherry Triplett
CONRAD, Product Development Coordinator

Denise Caplena
CONRAD, Manager Program Development

Maryanne McCrindle
CONRAD, Program Manager

Jessica Maitz
CONRAD, Clinical Operations & Research Coordinator

Matthew Adams

Anna Spagnoli

Susan Ju
CONRAD, Program Manager

Jill Schwartz
CONRAD/EVMS, Medical Director/Professor

Marc Nepomuceno
CONRAD, Administrative Secretary

Ruui Makuni
CONRAD, Product Development

Nancy Clark-Gonyea
CONRAD/OBGYN, Director of Administration