Eastern Virginia Medical School's School of Health Professions has been in the business of providing distance education since 2003 with the deployment of the 100% web-based Clinical Embryology & Andrology Master's Program (since renamed Reproductive Clinical Science Master's Program). Today, The Office of Distance Education touches many of the Health Professions programs and enables students all over the world to interact with their fellow students, faculty, and staff through state-of-the-art technology. Courses can be taught through the Blackboard Learning Management System as well as a real-time live online classroom. Materials can be delivered in a variety of formats including streaming media, voiced over lectures and online meetings.


Our vision is to position the School of Health Professions at EVMS at the forefront of teaching and learning through distance education and instructional technology among health education schools. 


In order to achieve our vision, the office takes its mission to foster, promote and disseminate innovation, best practice and research in distance education and instructional technology within the School of Health Professions.


  • Promote and disseminate research-based approaches to distance learning through collaborating with individual faculty and programs to design, develop, analyze, and reflect on their distance learning
  • Foster and sustain a culture that practices, values, and rewards technology innovation in teaching and learning as vital forms of scholarship
  • Cultivate a community of faculty-saff-practitioners-scholars where the theory and practice of distance learning and instructional technology are shared through DLIT website, forums, workshops, working groups and other programs


The Office of Distance Education is located in Lester Hall on the 3rd floor. When you walk off the elevator there are two glass doors on the wall directly in front of you. We are the office directly behind the glass door on the right (next to the TV monitor).