The Norfolk Public Schools Medical and Health Speciality Program

"The Norfolk Public Schools Medical and Health Specialty Program is an embedded small learning community at Maury High School with outreaches into the very rich professional environment of Hampton Roads. This is a unique program offering opportunities to highly motivated high school students seriously considering careers in the dramatically expanding fields of medicine and healthcare. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, occupations projected to grow by more than 70% are concentrated in healthcare and human services.

 Program students engage in a rigorous academic core curriculum, including Advanced Placement courses, with additional opportunities to earn elective credits through specialty courses and experiences. Our students are not only exposed to the medical applications of biology and chemistry in specifically designed courses, but also enjoy the experience of our unique anatomy and physiology course, which is taught both in a classroom at the Eastern Virginia Medical School and in the EVMS cadaver lab. Special medical seminars, mentorships, internships, and research opportunities await the most serious of the students" 

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