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Community Outreach Programs


Community Outreach Programs

 The learning environment at Eastern Virginia Medical School integrates education, research, and clinical training programs that focus on building strong service leaders in the health community. From the time they start at EVMS through rotations and residency, EVMS learners provide service in the local, national, and international community.

Over 800 EVMS students participate in 85 different student organizations. All EVMS student organizations are required to support the EVMS vision of being “the most community oriented medical school in the nation”. To achieve this vision and address health issues in the community, students actively work on over 50 different community programs such as student health-outreach, community health education, student-run clinics, Community Care Day, and international health efforts. Additionally, as part of their educational requirements students participate in affiliated academic and clinical programs, community collaborations, programs for underserved and rural populations, and health promotion efforts.

 Departmental and Program Initiatives

Departments and programs at Eastern Virginia Medical School sponsor a range of community-driven initiatives in their areas of expertise. These include but are not limited to: