Medical Programs

Undergraduate Medical Education: Teaching, Assessments, Remediation, and practice CSA

Medical Students at EVMS work with Standardized patients in first and second year.  Introduction to the Patient (ITP) courses.  Students learn interview,  history-taking and communication skills in the first semester, starting the second week of the first year ITP course and progresses to the physical examination skills in the second semester.  Second year ITP refines the history & physical examination techniques and introduces clinical reasoning and diagnostic skills.

The center works with the third year clerkships in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and OBGYN. Building on skills from ITP, and introducing advanced concepts like Motivational Interviewing and Health Literacy, Cultural Competencies and Advanced Communication Skills.

For the rising 3rd year students, in the first weeks of the 4th year, the Center provides a Clinical Skills Assessment for curricular evaluation and practice for the USMLE Step 2CS.

Graduate Medical Education (Residency Programs): Assessments, Remediation, Time Management Workshops and Customized Programs

The Center will provides a range of clinically based exercises to assess clinical skills, knowledge base, patient communication, team interactions, time management and professionalism.

The Center offers resdient and practice assessments using Stealth (mystery) Patients. The Stealth Patient assesses the practice beginning with the initial phone call to discharge and the clinical performance of the resident (including patient satisfaction, professionalism and competencies). Please call for a sample practice questionaire.

Upon successful completion of a patient-based assessments, the residency program director  receives feedback and scores from content checklists, interpersonal scores from objective criteria and professionalism ratings. Additional components may include time management, ACGME competencies and subjective Patient Satisfaction ratings (ABIM). All scores and reports are provided using a web-based (WebSP) analysis software.  Digital recordings of performances are available for review and can be accessed from any computer.

For an “Assessment & Refinement of Skills Menu,” please email Gayle Gliva McConvey, Skills Center Director.

Continuing Medical Education: For the Practicing Physician & Nurse

The Center offers practice assessments using Stealth Patients to practicing physicians office/department and institutions.  The Stealth Patient assesses the practice beginning with the initial phone call to discharge.  Reporting includes personnel (PA,Nurses, NP, physician, residents) identified to be assessed.

The Center also provides a dynamic collection of educational activities providing hands-on learning and interactive self-study.  It allows physician and nurses to update physical examination skills, learn office-based procedures, refine communication skills and become adept at using medical reference software.

Customized Programs

Do you have an idea, need, or challenge? We can help!

One of many areas in which the center excels is in its ability to coordinate and customize a program to a client’s educational goal. Our expertise is designing interactive and experiential programs. The center’s educational program specialist will modify any program or work with clients to design a new one.