Mental Health Initiative

Like many communities across the nation, Hampton Roads faces challenges in caring for adults and adolescents tormented by substance abuse or suffering from severe and persistent mental illness.

The Brock Institute has been responding to these challenges by hosting an annual Mental Health Summit. The 3rd Annual Mental Health Summit: Pausing to Address the Opiod Crisis in Hampton Roads will take place on May 9, 2017 at EVMS. See the agenda and RSVP here.

The 2014 report, Behavioral Health Barometer for Virginia, compiled by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, provided alarming statistics about the scope of the problem and served to further highlight the challenges.

In response, the Brock Institutes and EVMS Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences came together to jointly sponsor the first regional Mental Health Summit in the summer of 2014. As a community-based school committed to the health of the region, EVMS is perfectly positioned to foster this important community-wide discussion.

The summit grew out of frustrations with inefficiencies in the delivery of effective psychiatric services to acutely exacerbated patients with major psychiatric disorders and the desire to know the reasons for these inefficiencies. The goal is to develop strategies to address them and have quantitative measures in place to track improvements.

A second summit was held in the winter of 2016. These summits convened stakeholders and mental health advocates from around southeastern Virginia. They discussed gaps in mental health services and ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of mental health service delivery throughout a region of 1.7 million people that includes a large contingent of active-duty service members, military retirees, military dependents and veterans. 

Leaders at EVMS believe that the longitudinal care of patients with major psychiatric disorders deserves the same scrutiny and approach that has been taken for the treatment of other medical diseases, where hospitals are graded on outcomes and how quickly definitive interventions are performed. Imagine a system where the standards of care include, “Patient returned to the status of living independently and competitively employed within 30 days of hospital discharge,” and the standard was met.

The summits have comprised a grand rounds lecture and roundtable session that has served serve as a forum to clarify issues and begin the process of developing real, workable, collaborative solutions proposed and derived by critical stakeholders in our region.

EVMS Mental Health Working Groups

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Dispelling Stigma in Mental Health

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