EVMS Urology: Africa Trip with IVUmed

For over 5 years, EVMS Urology chairman brings a few residents and a fellow on 2-4 week long trips to various African countries with IVUmed (formerly International Volunteers in Urology). The greater mission of IVUmed in Africa is to help provide urology care on a continent where treatment resources are severely lacking. To accomplish this, IVUmed is working to establish urology centers throughout Africa, to train local health providers, to train and hire a local urology expert to manage further training, to provide urological care and to set up and manage research databases. EVMS Urology contributes to IVUmed's mission in Africa via a number of these goals. The Urology fellow manages the set-up of the local databases while residents oversee training of local health professionals. The Department Chair conducts multiple reconstructive urology surgeries to accounts for post-childbirth and trauma related urological disorders and injuries. The program would like also to include more EVMS students to aid in the research objectives of the program, as well as to gain experience in the provision of medical care in the developing world.


    • Administrative Location

    • EVMS Urology
      236 Clearfield Avenue
      Virginia Beach, VA 23462
    • Project Location

    • Multiple Countries across Africa
    • Project Partner(s)

    • IVUmed
    • Participant Eligibility

    • Faculty, Residents, Physicians, M1, M2, M3, M4, MPH, Other HP, PA, SA
    • Project Categories

    • Community Service, Clinical Service, Service Learning, Research Scholarship
    • Project Scope

    • International
    • EVMS Department(s)

    • Urology
    • Points of Contact