EVMS Breast Evaluation Program

The EVMS Breast Evaluation program (BEP) is a unique care program targeted towards uninsured women in Norfolk at risk for breast cancer. Since the program stated in 2001, it has treated over 100 uninsured women with breast cancer. The program receives referrals from all over the region after patients undergo initial screenings at locations such as Sentara's Ambulatory Care Clinic. After referral, patients with suspicious findings come to the program for further assessment. If the patient is determined to have cancer, a number of steps are taken. First, the program helps eligible, uninsured women sign up for Medicaid, or directs non-eligible, uninsured women toward other possible medical resources. Next, all patients are provided the necessary care to treat their cancer, from surgery to chemotherapy. Here, the program partners with the Virginia Oncology Associates for chemotherapy treatments. When appropriate, the program will work with plastic surgeons to provide breast reconstruction. The BEP is distinctive in that no patient is denied care, even if the program is unable to help the patient locate Medicaid or other medical coverage and that they will treat whoever is referred to them. The BEP has approximately 350 to 400 patient visits each year, of which 75-100 are new patient referrals. Of these new patient referrals, 15-20 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their evaluation.