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EVMS AIDS Resource and Consultation Center: Patient Safety & Clinical Pharmacy Services Collaborative

EVMS AIDS Resource and Consultation Center: Patient Safety & Clinical Pharmacy Services Collaborative

The Virginia HIV/AIDS Resource and Consultation Center was founded in 1989 to respond to the need to expand medical care and support services for persons living with HIV infection and AIDS in Eastern Virginia. The mission of the HIV/AIDS Resource Center is to provide training, education, and information to health-care industry professionals who care for people infected with HIV. The Center's Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy Services Collaborative focuses on one very significant risk arena: the experience of high-risk patients (i.e., HIV/AIDS) as they encounter multiple providers and different medication practices. The HIV/AIDS patient is considered high-risk because of the following characteristics: one or more chronic conditions, encounters with multiple service providers and prescribing opportunities, use of high risk medications, use of multiple medications and poor patient medication control and self-management or low health literacy. Services provided include AIDS pharmaceutical assistance/drug access, outpatient/ambulatory medical care, health Insurance premium & cost sharing assistance, medical case management (including treatment adherence/patient counseling), medical transportation, non-medical case management, oral health care, psychosocial support services, medication therapy management, and medication reconciliation.


    • Administrative Location

    • EVMS AIDS Resource Center - Smith Rogers Hall, Suite 106
      358 Mowbray Arch
      Norfolk, VA 23507
    • Project Location

    • Eastern Virginia Region, VA
    • Project Partner(s)

    • Three Rivers Health District, Eastern Shore Health District, VDH, Virginia Health Quality Center (Virginia QIO), First Light Group LLC
    • Grant(s)

    • Virginia Department of Health, VDH, VDH and CDC
    • Participant Eligibility

    • Faculty, Residents, Physicians, M1, M2, M3, M4, MPH
    • Project Categories

    • Clinical Service, Community Service
    • Project Scope

    • Local
    • EVMS Department(s)

    • Eastern Virginia AIDS Resource and Consultation Center
    • Points of Contact