Eastern Virginia Area Health Education Center (EVAHEC)

Established in 1979, EVAHEC's mission is to promote health careers and access to primary care for medically underserved populations through community-academic partnerships. The program implements health careers recruitment programs for students, especially underrepresented minorities, or those from disadvantaged or rural backgrounds in medically underserved areas. This, in turn, improves access to a diverse, culturally competent and sensitive health professions workforce by providing educational opportunities for residents from underserved areas in health professions that support primary care as well as by providing support services for residents. The program also reduces fragmentation and improves coordination of clinical education of health professions by supporting community-based training of primary care health professions to students, residents, and other health profession students in medically underserved regions on a yearly basis. EVAHEC works to enhance the knowledge and skills of health professions students and providers by supporting interdisciplinary education opportunities for health professions and sponsoring continuing education and information dissemination programs for health professionals serving underserved and health disparities populations. Finally, EVAHEC collaborates with local, state, and regional health, education, and human services organizations to identify and address health workforce distribution issues and health disparities in medically underserved areas.