Living Here Survey

EVMS recently conducted a "Living Here" survey of current Faculty, Residents, Staff and Students to find out where they Live in Hampton Roads, why they live there and information on commuting to EVMS. Here are highlights from the results.


In what city do you live?

Based on "Living Here" survey results.


Average Commuting Time

CityCommute one wayConsiderations
Norfolk 2-20 mintues No tunnels or bridges
Virginia Beach 20-40 minutes No tunnels or bridges
Chesapeake 20-40 minutes Possible tunnel/bridge traffic
Portsmouth 15-60 minutes Tunnel/bridge traffic
Suffolk 30-80 minutes Tunnel/bridge traffic
Hampton 45-90 minutes Tunnel/bridge traffic
Newport News 45-90 minutes Tunnel/bridge traffic

What do you like about your city?


I live in the West Ghent area.  It is a thriving community with great local eateries, shopping, and activities.  It is easy to access all interstates and best of all, the traffic is minimal. 

~EVMS Faculty Member

Near the Tide  Easy access to school, food, mall, freeways, and downtown. Great school district for daughter. Proximity to school. In addition to the above neighborhood is quiet and safe.  

~ EVMS Student

Virginia Beach

Good schools, nice laid back community, values education, more diverse socio-economic and racial groups. Lifestyle, the beach has a younger healthier feel. Both old and young running, biking, rollerblading on beach or boardwalk. Great restaurants. Newer construction. Access to many forms of entertainment and culture. Safe environment.

~EVMS Faculty

The neighborhood we moved to had the best public schools for our daughter and it has a strong civic league, walking distant to state park and the Chesapeake Bay. There is many things to do and see here and diversity.

~ EVMS Staff


Affordability, close to family, live on the water, accessible to all major interstates and attractions and centrally located in Hampton Roads. Cost of living, safety of neighborhoods and community, accessibility to various attractions, quiet peaceful surroundings.

~ EVMS Staff

Chesapeake is the safest city and I'm just on the other side of the midtown tunnel from school. Where I live offers quick access to interstates and is a midpoint for all seven cities for internships.

~ EVMS Student


Cost was a large factor for me, and Portsmouth was a lot cheaper than other cities. The tunnel traffic makes the short commute take longer than expected. I like Olde Towne.

~ EVMS Student

It has a small town feel to it, but it's kind of centrally located to everything. Portsmouth is not too far away from the beach, Downtown Norfolk, the peninsula or the country. I like taking the ferry across the Elizabeth River to go to events in Town Point Park.

~EVMS Resident


Suburban living with easy access to city life. Access to western parts of the state without having to use a tunnel. Also, cost of living.

~EVMS Faculty

It's away from the hustle and bustle of Norfolk and Virginia Beach (far less traffic), but close enough to enjoy the offerings of those cities when I choose to do so.

~EVMS Staff


Nice, safe neighboorhood. Proximity to things/services I utilize. Lower housing costs.

~ EVMS Student

Born and raised in Hampton, love the city and its accessibility to other areas. Cost of living, good schools, neighborhoods, access to work.

~EVMS Staff

Newport News

Centrally located between Williamsburg and the southside. Everything is no more than a 30-60 minute drive. Residential feel. Don't like the "city feel" of Norfolk.

~EVMS Staff