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Ann E. Campbell , PhD

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    • Associate Dean, Student Affairs

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    • Faculty

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    • Lewis Hall

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    • MS, PhD Medical College of Virginia

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    • Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine

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    • Dr. Campbell's laboratory pursues studies on the pathogenesis of the herpesvirus, cytomegalovirus (CMV). This virus causes severe complications in infected newborns, AIDS patients and immunosuppressed bone marrow or organ transplant recipients. Acute and latent infections occur in a variety of organs and cell types within the host.

      One prominent cell type infected during both acute and latent stages of infection is the macrophage. This laboratory has identified a gene region of murine CMV (MCMV) that is required for efficient infection of macrophages and hence infectivity in vivo. Deletion of three genes within this region results in a mutant virus that replicates poorly in macrophages in vitro and in mice. The product of these three genes has been characterized, and they form a stable complex in infected cells. By using a combination of genetic manipulations, molecular biology, proteomics, and in vivo studies, the laboratory pursues studies to characterize the structure of this complex and to decipher the function of these viral proteins in regulating cell tropism.

      A second project aims to identify the immune response to MCMV in the salivary gland, a site of viral persistence. Assessment of the phenotype and cytokine/chemokine profiles of cells infiltrating in response to MCMV infection has identified populations of cells unique to this mucosal site. Continued studies aim to identify the function of the site-specific cells in controlling infection.

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    • Virology and Immunology

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