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Mr. Lester reflects on eight years as EVMS President

Support from the boards
“I need to thank the Board of Visitors. Their belief and support of me — working together for the good the school— has been very rewarding. Also, very importantly, is the support of the Board of Trustees. They have the responsibility of making that case to the community. … They’re great ambassadors, and they’ve also raised a bunch of money.”

Fondest memory
“Getting to know the students, that’s been the best part of the job. … White Coat day. Graduation day. Any number of small events. Getting to know who these smart young people are. They’re the future of health care.”

Opportunities on the horizon
“I think William & Mary may offer us real opportunities. We’re going to take our time — work together on some programs and see if we can grow together organically. It could be really good. We just need to see if it works for both of us.”

After EVMS
“I’m not going to work quite as many hours for quite as many days.”