Dean's standing committees 2013

Committee charge list for 2013

February 14, 2013‌

Dear Faculty Member:

In an attempt to assure greater interest and broader participation in the Dean's Standing Committees of EVMS, we are conducting our annual survey of faculty to clarify which committees faculty members would prefer to join.  This information will help greatly in selecting suitable candidates for committee membership.  In addition to other criteria, faculty membership on such committees is a significant factor when faculty is being considered for promotion or tenure.

Click here to view the Committee charge list for 2013, a list of the Dean's Standing Committees and the charge of each committee.  Please indicate the four committees on which you would prefer to be a member (number according to preference).  Keep in mind that the commitment to serve customarily requires regular attendance and the term of appointment begins on July 1, 2013.  Individuals usually serve no more than three years on a committee.

The process of nominating faculty for appointments will begin on April 8, 2013.  Consequently, if you desire to serve on a Committee, we must have your list of preferences by March 27, 2013.  Please forward your preferences to either Alice Fretwell at or Suzi Goldsmith at  These listings will serve as an important resource file for the selection of interested and suitable candidates for committee membership.

The intent is that all faculty have an opportunity to serve in the committee structure and that no individual be burdened excessively.  Your help in this effort is greatly appreciated.


Sincerely yours,

Alice E. Fretwell, Director

Office of Faculty Affairs